Tuesday, June 9, 2009

During exam~!

I was having exam last 3 weeks. So, half way of it. I wrote this.

Once I was blind by love,
Thought it's going to be forever,
Never knew something that is totally opposite,
Strike straight to me.

Now, everything is gone,
He had gone back to his friends,
I knew from the start, he wasn't for me,
But I was blind by his love.

Now, everything left, except for deep cuts, scars and memories,
But I gained something about life out from there,
At least I know, life is not that easy anymore,
At least I know, the sweetness and bitterness of love,
At least I know, who stand for me and who walk away,
At least I know, how to appreciate someone when they are around,
At least I know, the feelings where he left when his friends is more important,
and I knew all this, is just a test from God to me tougher than before.

So, at last I decided. I gave myself to God. He will show the ways.

1 comment:

  1. Tis a funny little stage play puzzle,
    the feeling that leaves us dazzled,
    our senses gone, our judgment wrong,
    yet we embrace it,
    knowing it to be error prone.

    this stage, life, we dance on,
    this main actor we call Love,
    plays to beautiful symphony,
    follows a scripted tune,
    we dance, we laugh, we gaily prance,
    living the moment guided by our muse.

    Then comes Truth, then comes Facts,
    then comes Reality, a rancid tune it played.
    gone is Luster, gone is Magic,
    in it's place, Challenge reigned and preyed.

    Choices appears, a cheeky character he is,
    Bad and Good his greatest friends,
    with which he partners,
    only the jester, Time knows.

    Take heed all ye who dance this play,
    let not your heart falter in the fray,
    stay true to thy convictions,
    because none has been given exemptions,
    lest you let thyself be defeated,
    grit thy teeth and dance on and on,
    For true love will find you before long.